Bandhani tie

Bandhani is a style of tie-dye textile that is embellished by picking the fabric with the fingernails to create numerous little bindings that together make a figurative pattern. From the Sanskrit word banda, the word "bandhani" is derived ("to tie"). The regions of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Sindh, Punjab, and Tamil Nadu, where it is known as Sungudi, are where the majority of bandhini-making facilities are currently found. In paintings from the sixth century, the most common kind of Bandhani dots may be observed for the first time. In regional dialects and Tamil, the name Bandhani is also spelled Bandhej, Bandhni, Piliya, and Chungidi. Mothra, Ekdali, and Shikari are other tying methods, depending on how the fabric is knotted. The finished goods have several names, including Khombi, Ghar Chola, Patori, and Chandrokhani.

Natural colours are the primary colours utilised in

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