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Digital Textile Printing

  1. Textile Printing Techniques -Types Of Printing On fabric

    Textile Printing Methods

    Textile printing techniques: the main types of printing on fabric


    Printing is the process of applying pigments, dyes, or other associated compounds to textiles in the shape of patterns. Printing textiles was also a significant part of cultural representation. One can spot different printing techniques and styles unique to each culture and civilization. In recent days, we can witness a great deal of change and evolution concerning printing techniques and the fabrics used. As generations passed, there was a swift change in techniques that made textile printing even more accessible. Today, textile printing has advanced to a high level of sophistication, requiring the talents of numerous artists and designers.

    Have a look at different textile printing techniques.

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  2. Digital Textile Printing and Sustainability


    The need to move towards sustainable options grows each passing day. The increasing carbon footprints and waste products create a toxic environment for humans as well as the biosphere. Understanding the same concerns, a valuable change and shift are seen in the textile industry.


    The invention of sustainable materials and textile production is the first step towards helping to conserve the environment and preserve a bright future for upcoming generations. The new generation printing adheres to sustainability throughout the production chain, from the making of sustainable fibers to the process of digital textile printing.


    Let us have a look at sustainable differences made by adopting digital textile printing.


    The entire supply chain and production of digital textile

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  3. Digital Textile Printing VS Screen Printing

    Digital Textile Printing VS Screen Printing

    With evolving fashion trends, the art of making digital textile prints and screen prints progresses every passing day. The sheer possibilities of turning extra-ordinary garments from both kinds of printing processes are endless. Needless to say, there are other methods to decorate a garment, but these two kinds of printing methods are more prevalent.


    Digital Textile Printing and Screen printing are two different printing techniques used to create printed textiles and garments. Due to a lack of knowledge, people confuse both printing techniques. However, these printing techniques differ a lot in terms of process, utilization, and final output.


    Let’s clear all the ambiguities related to Digital Textile Printing and Screen Printing!


    About Digital Textile Printing and Screen Printing

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  4. What is Digital Textile Printing and what are its advantages!

    What is Digital Textile Printing and what are its advantages!

    With the advent of technology, there has been a significant rise in the way businesses operate today. One of the most promising developments in technology is digital printing. Today digital printing technology is adopted by many businesses that include the textile and diamond industry as well. Gone are the days of conventional fabric printing; digital fabric printing has taken a massive leap in the textile industry. 


    Digital fabric printing has opened doors for boundless opportunities for creativity and unparalleled prospects to enhance the quality and maintain the growing demand of textile printing.  With digital printing, anything can be printed on any fabric easily and with the utmost perfection.


    Digital Printing

    In simple words, digital

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