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Digital Textile Printing

  1. Cotton, The White Gold of India

    The White Gold of India

    Cotton!! The word which requires no introduction. We all know about it and it is used by many of us in different forms. Cotton is one of the most important natural fibers & cash crops which is cultivated in India.

    Cotton was one of the world’s popular natural fibers. The white cotton fabric is used for thousands of uses. It was referred to as ‘White Gold’ as it was so valuable in the entire world. The cotton industry of India plays a significant role in the industrial & agricultural growth of the Indian Economy and in the textile industry of India. Cotton Production in India provides direct livelihood to around 6 million farmers and employment to around 40-50 million who are involved in white cotton fabric processing and trading.

    India is the world

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  2. Digital Textile Printing and Sustainability


    The need to move towards sustainable options grows each passing day. The increasing carbon footprints and waste products create a toxic environment for humans as well as the biosphere. Understanding the same concerns, a valuable change and shift are seen in the textile industry.


    The invention of sustainable materials and textile production is the first step towards helping to conserve the environment and preserve a bright future for upcoming generations. The new generation printing adheres to sustainability throughout the production chain, from the making of sustainable fibers to the process of digital textile printing.


    Let us have a look at sustainable differences made by adopting digital textile printing.


    The entire supply chain and production of digital textile

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