Skin-Friendly Fabrics

The hot days with warm winds are here which carries a lot of skin problems with it. We all ought to wear comfortable, breezy, and skin-friendly fabric that keeps the body temperature cool and give a soft & irritation-free feel to the skin. Many of us think that it isn't possible to slay cool style in summer due to limitations of fabric choice, but it isn’t true. Who says you can’t be casual & chic at the same time? Choose our fabric and summer prints to slay your chic style this summer season. We know your next thought will be, which fabric to choose that comforts the skin too? Don’t worry, we have a perfect solution for that too. Have a glance at this piece of content and know what are skin-friendly fabrics, which fabric comes under this category, and how to use them for your perfect styles.


What Are Skin-Friendly Fabrics?


The skin is the foremost part of the body that comes into the contact with our clothes. The kind of fabric we wear has a great impact on our skin. There are no official standards that term a fabric skin-friendly. The fabric's breathability, capacity to control temperature, and moisture-wicking properties make it desirable for sensitive skin. Hence, there are few fabrics that are suitable for all skin types. 


Do you purchase the clothes based on fabric selection? Of course, No! We shop on how stylish & elegant we look. Well, it’s normal, around 30- 40% of the shoppers only look at the fabric while shopping, the rest are concerned about the style and look we get and tend to ignore the feel of the fabric and its effect on our valuable skin, So, its’s time to change our shopping habits but before doing that lets us have a quick review on the type of fabrics that are skin-friendly and you are free to shop that fabric clothing undoubtedly.


Here Are A Few Fabrics That Are Actually Skin-Friendly And Can Be Used by All Skin Types.


   1. COTTON

Cotton Printed Fabric

Whenever we think of wearing comfortable & cool clothes, undoubtedly cotton clothes come to our mind. Cotton is completely hypoallergenic and will not bother the skin of anyone who wears garments made of it. Cotton will not react to sweat and cause rashes even during hot temperatures. Cotton allows the skin to breathe and minimizes the chance of rashes, as well as repelling dust mites, pollen, and other allergens. Check out the range of cotton printed fabric and select the best prints.


   2. LINEN

 Linen Printed Fabric

Linen is a popular choice for sweaty days since it keeps you cool when it's hot. It may absorb up to 20% of moisture before becoming soggy. Linen not only regulates temperature well, but it is also antimicrobial and hypoallergenic.


If you didn't already know, linen includes small fractures throughout its structure that provide a gentle massage while also exfoliating your skin. Linen is a costly fabric, but it is also one of the finest textiles for delicate skin. This fabric aids in the preservation of the skin's natural pH balance, resulting in smoother skin. Linen is anti-static, eco-friendly, and long-lasting. Check out the range of linen printed fabric and select the best prints that can be customized to make the best summer outfit.



Viscose Silk Printed Fabric

Viscose is a man-made cellulose fiber that has the feel of cotton or silk. It is light and delicate, making it suitable for persons with sensitive skin. Viscose is ideal for the summer since it is light and feels cool on the skin. Viscose Fabrics are not only breathable but are one of the best for blending the multiple fibers and combining them into a single fabric. The viscose in mixes with natural fibers helps keep the fabric's breathability. Check out the range of viscose silk printed fabric .


Finding a comfortable & skin-friendly fabric is often a tedious job. You might have experienced a dilemmatic situation where you are satisfied with the fabric feel but not with its prints and sometimes, you like the prints but not the fabric feel. What if you find both in one place? You might think that both in one place will cost a handful of your pocket, but it isn’t true. We have a wide range of fabric collections that contain varied prints and varied fabric options too. Unbelievable right? Visit the Website and pick up your favorite prints that can be customized into the fabric of your choice. Keep Reading & keep Shopping.